GC (CFA) Sweet Luck Tornado Boy of Leonmoor

Brown tabby exotic SH male (EXO n 22)
d/o/b: October,5 2004
Breeder: Svetlana Poteshkina, Sweet Luck cattery

s. GC
Couronne Wild Card
of Sweet Luck

Black smoke
GC Couronne
Against All Odds
GC, RW Artemis Ted E. Bear of Couronne
CH Artemis Octavian
CH Artemis Tess

GC Agonistes Valentine of Couronne

Cattrax Genuwin RemarQue
GC, NW Agonistes Carousel of Donau

GC Joleigh Vince's Vixen
of Couronne
Tortie smoke

GC Joleigh's Little Charmer, DM
Black smoke
GC Jomaire's Innocent Eyes of Joleigh
Charmer, DM
GC Joleigh's Smoking In The Boy's Room
Tortie smoke
GC Sir O Reie of Joleigh
Hugsalot Nuno 'Yer Bizzness of Joleigh

d. Sweet Luck
Sunny Leveret
Brown tabby

CH Exotic Style's
Sweet Bear of Sweet Luck

Brown tabby

GC, DW Prestega Sugar Bear
of Exotic Style

Brown tabby
GC,NW Polcann`s Make-My-Day of Prestega
Bryn Mawr Betsy Brown of Prestega
Karenpers Sweety of Exotic Style
Dilute calico
CH Prestega Sweet Bandit of Karenpers
CH Sundandelion Missy Carem Rose

CH Svetuna's Queen
of Sweet Luck
Brown tabby

Live Toy's Silver Boy
Silver mackerel tabby
CH Silverheart Padishah Pasha
CH Vita-Nova's Silver Starlet
Alina's Autumn Sonata
Brown tabby
GC Callyn's Knot Again! of Alina
CH Vita-Nova's Touch-of-Frost of Alina